Dr. Livny's Food Wallet

Your way to healthy lifestyle…

Dr. Livny has created a system providing long term nutritional balance enabling you to reach your dietary goals based on your personal aims and physical condition. The system is made up of food options you choose in accordance with your appetite and preferences within your daily energy requirements (calories). This device provides an easy way to plan the amount of food eaten during the day with no need for complicated calculations. All you have to do is to "pay" for your meal from the "bills" in your "wallet". It allows you to balance your diet and see the remaining "bills" available to cover your food choices for the rest of the day.

This simple system will enable you to follow and control your daily food consumption. The wallet contains colored "bills" representing different food groups. You only have to move your "bills" from one side of your wallet to the other- based on the foods you eat. You can see the remaining "bills" at a glance and plan your remaining meals. Every morning your "wallet" is full of fresh "bills" to start the new day.

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